Denise (lilmiscutipye) wrote in make_out_tree,

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*She's fine she's fine, fine enough to blow your mind

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so cute awww!
i love your haircolor.
i need to post pictures STILL oh my.
thanks, it's strawberry blonde and it's gotten way long since then but I'm chopping it ALL off this weekend!

yeah! :D
I've seen those already, but you are still oh so pretty :o)!
Yeah, I know, but you're basically the only one I showed. :D

You're beautiful & smart & perfect, I envy you!
I am not! Don't envy me! Feel the love my friend <3.
Feel the love, mon.

That sounds Jamaican! :D

Whew, I wanna talk to you about boys & such.
E-mail me!